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Started by xboost, Sep 02, 2018, 09:32 PM

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Pre-renewal Server, based on the classic Ragnarok Online PH, with its thrilling experience , Quest, Monster Hunts, Server Hosted Events and More.

Base Exp: 100000

Job Exp: 100000

Drop Rate: 100%

Equip Drop: 100000

Card Drop: 100%

MVP Card Drop: 1%

Max Base Lvl: 255

Max Job Lvl: 120
Max Stats: 200
Max ASPD: 196

Custom Mage has no cast to make stats balance "BUT"
Kiel-D01 Card is required for reduced casting delays on skills.
and more Card Customs

Daily Log in Rewards

Cash Item = Quest.

lots of Ingame Events hosted by GM it self
FOrum Events ACTIVE GM

@commands for players:


(With Minimal 9 Member+1 Leader = Total Minimals 10 Players)

Server Features:

29 Hairstyles
263 Hairs Colors
553 Clothes colors
Many headgears from kRO, jRO, twRO, bRO and other official servers available.

Home Page: http://www.xboost-ro.tk/
REgister:  http://www.xboost-ro.tk/?module=account&action=create
FOrum : http://xboost-ro.tk/forum/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/xboostragnarok


   Saii - xboostRO Admin
~Solo admin