Wicked Ragnarok Online (WRO) !!

Started by WickedRO, Jul 13, 2019, 05:35 PM

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first, thank you for giving time checking our server out! I really appreciate it.

Let me introduced our server, WRO! by saying EXP rates are considered as SHR, but drop rates are lower, that can be for a mid-rate server.
I don't wanna waste your time downloading the client and you dont want the drop rates of our server or other things. so please read this one, and if you still want to try it you can download it.
Our server might don't have that much of players, but seeing them happy when they looted a rare item, cards or created a rare quest item, brings back the old time ragnarok private server.
which makes you happy at the same time excited. that's based on my own experience playing on other server's before.

Basic Information

  • E X P: Base 70,000.00x / Job 70,000.00x
  • MaxLvl: Base 500 / Job 200
  • Pre-renewal: Yes
  • Max stats: 500
  • Skill no cast: 300 Dex
  • Agi/Dex based: No
Normal drop rates

  • Common: 80.00x
  • Equipment / Card: 90.00x
Mini-boss drop rates

  • Common / Equipment / Card: 80.00x
Boss drop rates

  • Common / Equipment / Card: 50.00x

Class Information

  • Each transcendent class has 1 special skill from 3rd classes.

What we got in the server
-> Modified MVP cards. (https://playwicked.online/?module=pages&action=content&path=mvpcard)
-> Deathmatch PVP Free items.
-> Free Battleground items.
-> KoE (King of Emperium)
-> Class Tournaments (Automated event)
-> Class Mastery.
-> Card Trader.
-> Open Battlegrounds (RWC, Conquest and FOF).
-> MAP (Most Active Player) system.
-> Obtainable Donation items.
-> Unique Vending system.
-> Guild Package for your members.
-> Private Gold Room.
-> Weapon Enchantment.
-> Refine rate can go up to +31

Server Website : https://playwicked.online/
Download : https://playwicked.online/?module=pages&action=content&path=download