SunriseRO - Pure Resist based server (Pre-Renwal/eAthena)

Started by Vaxis, Jan 03, 2015, 10:10 PM

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Please visit our website at:
Register through Control Panel and download the Lite Installer/RAR.

SunriseRO is a PvP based private Ragnarok Online server. Originally under Sunrise-Networkz, the server was created in 2007 by former server owner Vijay, where ownership was later given to current server owner, Vaxis. The name "SunriseRO" originally had two servers: a Super High Rate server (revived & current) and a Low Rate PK server (closed). Resist in PvP matches became aware around a year or so after the server's release, creating an unintentional style of gameplay in which the server now focuses on. SunriseRO prides itself for having unique PvP gameplay which focuses mainly on resist type builds and steady damages.

Server Information & Features:

    Emulator: eAthena
    Rates: 1000000000/1000000000/100%
    No 3rd Classes
    No Renewal
    Max Level: 750/750
    Max Stats: 1000
    MvP spawn times 90% reduced, tao gunka is 10 mins and ifrit is 15.
    MvP Card Seller
    No Stats Adder
    No Buffer
    Max Aspd: 198
    No Perfect Dodge
    4 Slotted Everything, except Shield (2)
    Drop Rate: 100%, except certain MvP drops
    Custom Mall (Easy to Setup PvP)
    WoE Times (Different Castle Region per WoE): Saturdays (11pm-1am) and Sundays (10am-12am) CST (Server Time)
    WoE Countdown Timer
    Mithril/Platinum/Quest Shop
    PvP Ladder
    PvP Auto Healer for 1v1 PvP maps only – rewarded to the killer.
    Control Panel
    Job Changer
    Headgear Disguise NPC
    Custom Stylist
    Card Remover
    +30 Refiner/Derefiner
    Coin Exchanger
    100+ Inexpensive Normal customs (+100 all stats on headgear)
    No overpowered donations or "higher" items
    Custom balanced damage formula (see changelog)
    Daily events
    Item Vending
    Donations do not take slots (effect works in inventory)
    Custom Pets and Visual Effect Donations
    Prontera Housing System (coming soon)
    Custom Mvps (coming soon)