Spoon Feed Ragnarok Online (now on its 8 month)

Started by denmar, Apr 28, 2014, 01:28 AM

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SFRO Website: http://spoonfeed.ragnarok.sx/
SFRO Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/377259819043485/
SFRO Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/SpoonfeedRO

- Spoon Feed Ragnarok Online was actually created for people who doesn't have much time in grinding with a rate of 100000x/100000x/Customize .
Before we have much time to hunt,kill and trade to people. But you have to admit that players before are now old nowadays (peace).
- SFRO is a Instant Level up Server that will give u an instant way to PVP.
- 99% of the Items are Free in the Mall like Glor Set/Mora Set/Biolab 4 Weapons and more.
- SFRO is installed also to the one of the finest PVP System that exist, Ghost PVP System where you can choose what announcer that you want, from: Dota/HoN/Ms.Pudding/Flamboyant/English/Balls Of Steel/Pimp/Seductive etc.
- SFRO is equiped also to one of its Original feature, the live PVP area at town. where if you go inside you can kill anybody that is also inside the decagon .
- SFRO is also using a Ragnarok II Map known as Prontera II.

Custom Main City
SpoonFeed Prontera 2 of Ragnarok 2 [MAIN CITY]

Live PVP area in the Center of the City

-One of the Original feature of Spoon Feed Ragnarok Online is the Customize WOE.

Customize War oF Emperium
Spoon Feed RO (Custom WOE SE)

-Hercules Emulator is WPE Free (bye packet abuser).
-Spoon Feed RO is also equiped with anti Cheat protection powered by Internal Guard.

-We have a lot of Customization here in Spoon Feed Ragnarok Online, one of them is the Customize Battleground which combines DotA and Ragnarok

Dota Battleground

Still aloot of customization that is not common in other Ragnarok Online such as:

Custom Enchanter
Custom Dungeon
Custom Monsters
and more.

1 Costume Hybrid Angel Wings
1 Costume Zoro Sword
+20 Feather Beret
+20 Valk Mantue
+20 Valk Armor
+20 Valk Shield
+20 Valk Shoes
1 Tao Gunka Card
3 Turtle General Card
1 Halter Lead (Permanent)
1 Doppelganger Card
5 Mithrill Coins

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