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Started by Kaleidoscope, Nov 04, 2018, 07:46 PM

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Greetings Everyone!   /ho

I would like to proudly announce the launch of Snap Online!

Great success for out testing phase and we are super excited to launch here on RMS!

A little about us before you decide to make Snap your new home.

Payed in full server: We are not your typical super high rate server. We wont spoon feed you, we wont fall prey to corruption, We accept donations but do not need them to keep the server alive. Things are paid in full by me and will maintain it that way with or without the communities help.

Balanced to the core: We strive to provide you with balanced PvE, PVP, WOE, and BG. One thing id like to highlight is the focus on PvP Versatility, we pride our self on skillfully balanced classes that are all usable in any kind of situation as long as you are geared accordingly. 

Tactful updating: We will be updating our server in episodes! We are starting with Episode 1.0 - The Core. This will allow us to plan and schedule our updates in a more organized manner. We already have the first year of updates in mind and are currently working on them so that we can ensure minimum maintenance times!!

Active Support team: We are a tight knit community and i would like all my players to feel maximum comfort. I am always just a discord / text / email / in game chat away! There is most always support staff online as well as many community helpers that will guide you in the right direction.

Constant live streaming: We have several streamers who are always online and streaming some aspect of our server. They will make guide videos upon request and will always lend a helping hand to players in need! Make sure to check out our streamers, post your IGN in their chat box to win cool prizes in game!  /lv

If i havent sold you yet, come check us out and see for your self! We have everything in order the only thing we need is players like you!  /no1

Join before December 1st to claim this awesome Beginner Battle Box!