SeireiteiRO Final Chapter

Started by Jasc, Sep 27, 2017, 01:10 AM

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Launch Date: October 1 9:00PM MST


I go by the name Jasc and I have been playing Super High Rate servers since 2007. I started developing my own servers in 2009 until 2013 when went to pursue other things in life and put all projects on hiatus. Ragnarok Online is a game that will always bring back memories of the past and after a few years when I went to take a peek to see what was going on in 2017, I could not help but feel disappointed that Super High Rate servers were no longer what they used to be. All the projects I had established in the past demanded quality, balance, and creativity that pushed limits to make the experience both unique and lasting. With 2017 almost coming to a close and my age definitely not getting any younger, I am here to announce my last and final project in the Ragnarok Community. This is a server where I wish to create an everlasting impression and leave a legacy behind in the Super High Rate community.

Server Gameplay and Vision
SeireiteiRO Final Chapter aims to bring a highly skilled and fast paced game environment. The gameplay relies on using class skills as well as balancing resistances and damage in our 4 slot equipment / 2 slot shield system. With a generous 4 bar hotkey bar, players can maximize their ability to switch different pieces of equipment to suit their situation. Battling against a Lord Knight is much different than fighting the magic that High Wizard possesses. As a skilled player, once must be well equipped to change gears to give them the best advantage.

Ragnarok servers have a short shelf life if not done right. Most are up and in a few weeks to a few months they are de-listed or closed down. Longevity is a key concept that I am focusing on so players are ensured that their time invested in the server is not wasted. While even the best games in the world will fade eventually, nobody complains as long as it was done the right way and leaves a lasting impression on the player. I aim to bring reward to the main mechanics of Ragnarok itself.

Player VS Player
Player VS Monster
War Of Emperium

I would say that the main components of player activity is within those 4 game mechanics. In SeireiteiRO, we will reward players that pursue the game mechanic they enjoy the most. Sure, but doesn't that segregate the player base? Without player interaction, players would get bored. In my gaming experience, it seems that games with the longest life, are those with markets and economies. When there is an economy, players will interact with each other to obtain what they need. The server will take into consideration the items that are available for trading, the currency cycle, currency sinks, and exclusivity of items. With this in mind, I aim to establish a system that provides players a longer lasting experience and more to play for. Giving you the feeling of value when you obtain items and translating it to a dollar sign in your mind. Digital currency needs to feel as good as real money to establish that personal connection and link in terms of being rewarded.

Server Information
1000/250 - Max Base/Job Level
1000 Max Stats
100% All Drops except Cards
4 Slot Equipments / 2 Slot Shields
5% Drop on Enhanced MVP Cards
Pre-renewal settings
Trans class only
PK Server

Server Customizations
Armory (Full Mall with extensive equipment customization)
Dynamic Costumes (Choose all iRO and our 1000+ Custom items to customize your look, upper/mid/lower)
Dynamic Class Costume (Choose any class look you want, third jobs included.)
Instant skill balancing (Any untested skills can be adjusted in 30 seconds without server delays)
Custom Derefiner (Can derefine any equipment to balance out DEF for strategic low vitality builds)
Card Shop (obtain any card in the game in the shop except for the Enhanced Cards dropped by MVPS
Mount System (All classes can use a speed mount to boost movement speed)
Ex-quip System (Change set equipments on the fly with a single command)
Duel Wager (Bet other players currency in a 1v1 Duel)
Dice Bet (Play dice with other players)
200+ Pokemon Pets (Enhance Drop rates for Enhanced MVP cards)
Full Casino with Over and Under / Roulette / Rock Paper scissors/ Slot Machines / Jackpot
Guild House Rentals
Extended Vending System
@Die command delay
Shikai Skill
Bankai Skill
WoE Reward ALL
PVP points
MVP Points
Daily Login P]oints

Server Events
War of Emperium
King of Emperium
Safari Zone
Last Man Standing
Run for your life
Poring Race
Hide and Seek Pikachu
Code Breaker
Daily Item Hunt
Daily Monster Hunt
Disguise Event
Fast Type Event

Server Rankings
MVP Rankings
PVP Rankings
WOE Rankings
Guild Rankings
Emperium Break Rankings