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The Best Super High Rate Server

Highly Customized, Friendly Community, No Overpowered Donations, Regular Events,
Balanced Skills, Dedicated 24/7 Hosting, Frequent Updates, Reaper Reset

Founded on February 22, 2007 - Hosted in USA - Created by Zairik

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Server Information

    Base/Job/Drop Rates: 20000x/20000x/500x (20k/20k/500)
    Max Level: 999/150 (Base/Job) - Max Stats: 1000 - Max Aspd: 194
    Server hosted in Los Angeles, California
    WoE: TUE/THUR 9-11 P.M. (2100-2300) and SAT 4-6 P.M. (1600-1800)
    Over 1000 custom headgear (Customs)
    No overpowered donation items
    50+ player commands - Type "@commands" to view all commands in-game
    27 hair styles, 252 hair color dyes, 554 clothing color dyes
    Customized maps and special areas
    War of Emperium - Guild Castle Wars
    Rebalanced skill cast delays and cool down rates
    No MVP Arena
    No "Perfect Dodge"
    Instant Cast DEX: 150 (Some skills have a minimum cast)
    5% All Card Drop Rates
    Free One-Click Healers/Buffers
    Disabled/nerfed unbalanced Cards/Equipment/Items
    Custom dungeons and training areas
    Warp Agents (for Towns, Dungeons, and Training Areas)
    Automated Dice, Devil Square, and Disguise Events
    New additions added often!