Started by Perry the Platypus, Dec 13, 2018, 11:23 PM

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Perry the Platypus

The platypus is back again with an updated post for AnomalyRO, a server that has now been running stable for a year!

We're a 2-slotted, pre-Renewal super high rate server, built from the ground up to provide a blend of traditional RO elements and the SHR experience. Rather than making yet another spoon-feeding super high rate where investment into your character means nothing, we wanted to create a server that still offers the high intensity BG/WoE experience that you find in SHRs, but also includes a unique PvM experience not found in other super high rate servers.

Our server features include fully customized drop rates, a custom built achievements & titles system, tons of new quests from shorter 30 minute headgear quests to 3-4 hour epic gear quests, a randomly generated daily quest system, and much more. We also have multiple exclusive custom maps, including a custom instanced dungeon (with more to come!) and an Adventurer's Guild Hall that acts as the hub for many of our current and upcoming quests, plus various pieces of backstory to go along with it.

Beyond that we've also made a lot of improvements to various other aspects of the server, including an exclusive Battlegrounds matchmaking system, fully customized refine bonuses so refining your gear is actually meaningful, and tons of quality of life improvements to make your stay as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. This includes a bunch of client modifications that you won't find anywhere else, including chat notifications, self-casting by holding Shift, instant high quality screenshots, and a custom in-game help window that includes link to useful guides and a search function for our wiki!

But maybe you're one of those players that just wants to pimp out your character and hang out in town, and that's okay too - we've got you covered. You'll find thousands of custom headgears with new ones being added regularly, and all headgears have the same effects so you can pick out the style that you like best without having to worry about getting the "best" set for competitive play. Build customization is instead offered via a custom headgear enchantments system which allows you to add up to 3 different effects to each headgear! Not only that, but we also have an exclusive hair palette pack that includes 181 carefully designed base colours and a separate hair accessory colour selection for styles with hair ties, ribbons, etc. A total of 4,887 possible colour combinations, so you can get your character looking exactly the way you want it to!

There's so much more we could talk about, but the best way to find out is to just give the server a try and see what you think! So come check us out at Anomaly Ragnarok Online, or if you want more information feel free to take a look at our wiki or ask around in our forums. Hope to see you around soon!