RidiculouslyRO -- Surpass Your Limits!

Started by Tensei, Jun 11, 2014, 04:14 AM

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Ridiculously Ragnarok Online
"Surpass Your Limits!"

The original creators of SunriseRO along with the original creator of Realm of Ragnarok have come together to bring you nothing but the best of a Super High Rate.

We invite you to join a completely new side to Ragnarok Online. A SHR PVP server with all limitations removed. Unbelievable damage and HP values, a completely revamped refinement system, logical class balancing and deep character customization and progression to provide completely new custom skills to characters. Customized instances, events, and an experienced staff (the former brains behind SunriseRO and Realm of Ragnarok).

We hope that you enjoy our server and best of luck!

Website: http://ridiculouslyro.net
Forum: http://ridiculouslyro.net/forums
Control Panel: http://ridiculouslyro.net/fluxcp
Wiki: http://ridiculouslyro.net/wiki

Server Information:
Base Exp: 235000x
Job Exp: 235000x
Drop Rate: 10000x
Quest Exp: default
Equip Drop: 10000x
Card Drop: 10000x
MVP Equip Drop: 10000x
MVP Card Drop: 1000x
Max Base Lvl: 750
Max Job Lvl: 500
Max Stats: 750
Max ASPD: 196-199

Other Feature Highlights:
-Innovative class upgrade and refine system
-Customized client that shows damage, healing, and HP up to 999m;
-4 slotted equipment/2 slotted shields
-Solo/Party Quest Instancing