Started by Sammyboy, Dec 11, 2014, 05:23 AM

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Hi guys,

Looking for Super High Rate PVP,WOE and Easy farm base RO?
Looking For a server that had a Farmable Donates?
You need to try this!
Phantasm Ragnarok Online
Friendly players and admins
Easy to farm
Balance pvp no imba donates
Estimated Online players everyday 80-150 players
Official FB group page
Main site
To Register
To Download CLient and Patcher
Server Info
Max level: 750/120
Max Aspd: 196
Slotting: [4][2]
Base and Job Exp: 100k/100k
Item Drop Rate: 100%
Equipment Drop Rate: 100%
Normal Card Drop Rate: 100%
MvP Item Drop Rate: 50%
MvP Equipment Drop Rate: 50%
Mini-Boss & MvP Card Drop Rate: 20%
LHZ MvP Cards: 10%
Thanatos Card: 5%
WITH GM freebies
-----Firey Wings, Hokage Hat, Scouter, Valkyrie Set, 2pcs Ring of Honor, 5pcs PHro Fanatic box, 1 Enrich Elu box, 1 Enrich Oridecon Box. 1pc Angeling card and Deviling Card

See you all around, PM iJoselito, NeoCyonAce, Sammyboy, Purr for Freebies. :]