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Started by anjuts, Apr 11, 2015, 01:35 AM

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~~~ Online since September 1,2013 ~~~

███▓▒░░.SERVER INFO.░░▒▓███
✔ High-Speed Server, Online 24/7
✔ No Wipeout, No Closing, 100% Assured
✔ Max Level: 500/120
✔ Max Reborn: 175
✔ MaxStats: 500
✔ Rates: 50k/50k/5k MVP Card drop 10%
✔ Pre-Renewal Server with Third Job (Third Job Skill Re-Balance).
✔ Kagerou & Oboro Job.
✔ No Skill Cast Delay.
✔ All Quest are Challenging
✔ Vote for Cash Points/Vote Points System (You can get items by Voting Nyro).
✔ Non-Donator WoE, Donator WoE & Trans WoE
✔ iRO Daily Quest
✔ Official Mount System
✔ Maroll Battleground
✔ Job Changer, Reset Girl, Warper, Healer, Mall, MVP Room, Gold Room
✔ Anime and Final Fantasy NPC, Headgears and Wings
✔ EVENTS: Mount Racing, Disguise, Dice, LMS, Novice vs. Zombie, Poring Catcher
✔ Hourly Point (for every 1 hour staying in game you will get 1 Hourly Point)
✔ Lots of Custom Headgears and Wings.
✔ Fahrros Square (Party battle with the 2nd strongest monster in NYRO)
✔ Moonhaven (Hunt Moonhaven Token and exchange to Ultimate Weapons)
✔ GVG Oraganizer (Battle between 2 guilds)
✔ Materia System (Final Fantasy 7: Equip your materia in your armor 3rd slot)
✔ Battle with: Guardian Force System (Final Fantasy 8: Leviathan, Madeen, Bahamut. Diablos)
✔ Wing Upgrade System (Additional stats to your Wing)
✔ Gem System (Socket Gem to your Armor 3rd slot)
✔ Charm System (Just carried into your inventory to make an effect)
✔ VIP System (Increase VIP Level/Exp when you are donating)
✔ Reborn System (If you want a leveling system just reborn and gain more Extra HP/SP, Stats & Max Weight)
✔ Unique Mining System (Farm Zeny)

✔ Re-Balance Third Job Skills
✔ Emperium HP - 342150000
✔ No Skill Cast Delay.
✔ Disable Perfect Dodge from LUK stat.
✔ Double Casting Skill work in Sorcerer Skills.
✔ Remove the weight of Arrow, Bullet & Kunai.
✔ Golden Thief Bug Card - Reduces magic damage by 50%.
✔ Belzebub Card Card - DEX + 15.
✔ Kiel-D-01 Card - ATK + 3%, MATK + 3%.
✔ Remove Coma effect in all items and Tarot Skill.
✔ Endless Tower 1 Day Cooldown.(With Daily Rewards)
✔ Item Slots: Weapon[4], Shield[1], Headgear[2], Armor[2], Footgear[2], Garment[2], Accessory[2].

███▓▒░░.FREEBIES INFO.░░▒▓███

███▓▒░░.GUILD PACK INFO.░░▒▓███

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███▓▒░░.IMPORTANT URL.░░▒▓███
Website: http://privatero-gaming.com/nyro/
Register: http://privatero-gaming.com/nyro/?menu=register
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nyrogroup/
Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/nyroragnarokonline