No Donatios Ragnarok Online

Started by CallMeRin, May 02, 2014, 06:40 PM

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hello guys, i wish all the best :) i'm writing this topic to invite you to our server which was made for all just to have fun and enjoy the stay

this is server's informations :

Server's informations :

Opening date : 4/28/2014
No 3rd jobs, trans 99/70
Normal Cards drop rate is 100% and mvps 1%
lhz cards disabled
Golden thief bug edited to nerf 50%
Fallen bishop hibram edited to 25%
no DONATIONS forever, all in quests and woe prizes
Commands : warp/storage...blabla

and these are some pictures i took for you  /kis2
main spot :)

monthly added quest items / MAY QUESTS LIST

TCG trader, you can get TCG from events :)

there's disguise event and last man standing for now :)

some npcs : card remover / job changer / resseter

players command list, we can add other commands if you like to

and this is a shot from tool dealer in game

thanks ya :)

site :
register :
forum :
rate us at rms :

feel free to suggest whatever you want anytime to us at FORUMS and FB Page, this server is yours!
Enjoy your stay