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Started by stfu, Dec 13, 2014, 01:22 AM

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Genesis Ragnarok Online : The Beginning
25,000x / 25,000x / Customs

Server Information

Mechanics : Pre-Renewal Type Server ( Trans )
Max Level : 255/100
Max Stats : 255
Max Attackspeed : 196
Main town : Prontera /ok

Experience Rate : 25,000x /25,000x
Item Rate : 10000x
Equip Rate : 1000x
Card Rate : 10000x
Boss Drop Rate : 1000x

Emulator : rAthena

2x Account Bound Silver Valkyrie Set
Doppelganger Card
White Cyclops' Eye
2x Eye of Dullahan

Server Customization

Frost Type Server ( No 100% resist on freebies )
Break the Seal
Emperium Break Test ( Valkyrie Set and Sleipnir Quest )
Modified Rare Boss Card's effect and Drop Rate ( LHZ, Thana, Etc. )
Matured and Friendly GMs ( No bias )
Dedicated Server
Instant Job Changer
Automated Events
Good Freebies
Guild Package Available
Storylined Quest
Nostalgic Ambiance
Intense PVP and WOE
Monster Arena ( to make farming easier )
Gold Room

Server Features:

Poring Catcher Event
Dice Event
Novice's RFYL Event
Interactive Forum and Facebook Events
GenesisRO Update [ Weekly new Quests or Items ]
Dungeon Siege [ Coming Soon ]
Monster Rush [ Coming Soon ]
Pesky Jejeling Event [ Coming Soon ]
Genesis RO Event Box [ Contains different kinds of item including quest ingredients, supplies, equips, and donation coins ]
.. And more content soon!