Fame Ragnarok Online.

Started by diconfrost13, Oct 08, 2014, 10:59 AM

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Fame Ragnarok Online.

Fresh Server (Opened last 10/5/14)

No wipes. Balanced Gameplay. Running on latest rAmod + luna SvN Emulator.
A newly released unique High Rate Server that will
truly take your breath away! FameRO has been made
to give you exhilarating moments be it on Farming,
Exciting PvPing and Instense WoE! We boast to you our very own Realm
Dimension filled with devious mobs that will surely give
you countless of things to do! And of course, a lot more!
Come and check our server and be part of the fun.

Server Features/Info:

Pre-Renewal Server.
Kiel Server.
Semi-Frost Server (50% Maximum Freeze Resistance)
With Freebies NPC for newbies' convinience.
Bloody/Dead Branch Rooms.
MvP Cards Seller
Easy and Hard Quests
Pure 2-2 Jobs (Trans)
Max Levels: 255/120 (Instant Job System)
Max Parameter: 255
Max ASPD: 196
Common Card/Item Drop Rate: 50%
Other MvP/Boss Card/Item Drop Rate: 15%
Lhz/Thanatos/Randgris Card Drop Rate: 0.01%
Vset and Diabolus Set are huntable.
PvP/WoE Server.
Balanced Custom Items.

Custom Player Commands such as:
@broad (in exchange of broadcaster npc, 1m zeny payment)
@minimart (access the mini tool dealer anywhere you want)
@autoloot item <item id> (in exchange of @autoloot command)
@go mall (warps player to the vending area)

White Note Headphones[1]
White Cyclops[1]
Angeling Wing[1]
2pcs Valkyrie Armor
2pcs Valkyrie Shield
2pcs Valkyrie Manteau
2pcs Valkyrie Shoes
+10 weapon depending on your job
4pcs Hydra Card
4pcs Turtle General Card
2pcs Abysmal Knight
1pc Ghostring Card
1pc Tao Gunka Card
1pc Deviling Card
1pc Doppelganger Card
50 box YGG Berry(3)
2box Convex Mirror(30)

Official Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/fameragnarok/

Website: http://www.fame.ragnarok.gs/

Please report any errors or bugs you find ingame and please don't abuse it.

Download Link: http://fame.ragnarok.gs/board/index.php?/topic/2-famero-installer-download-links/