Audacity Ragnarok Online

Started by Tensei, Feb 21, 2015, 11:13 PM

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A Super High Rate Ragnarok Server that made girlfriends slap their boyfriends for too much playing on our server, and vice-versa

What to expect on this server:

A player-driven economy through logging, quests and mvp boss hunting.
A resist based gameplay for warlords.
A slut admin, waiting for you.

This server is dedicated to all the players who wanted nothing but the best of a Super High Rate Ragnarok Server.

[Basic Information]

Re-opened: 4/19/2020
Server: Pre-Renewal
Max Base/Job Level = 750/250
Base and Job Exp Rates = 75000x/75000x
Max Stats = 1000
Max HP/SP 20000000/1000000
Drop rate 100% for everything, except Custom MvP Cards which is 10%
Disabled Third Jobs
No Stat Seller
Server Mode: Normal (Roleplay/PK)
[4] slotted equips except shields which is [2] slots

[AudacityRO Features]

Full Mall with Cards (Ready to PvP)
Custom Headgears
Custom Main Town
Custom PvP System
Fixed Currency to Promote Economy
Resist Based Gameplay (Switching)
Automated Events
Custom Refining System
Logging System
World Boss
Custom Battlegrounds (Coming Soon)
-To be updated-