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Basic Server Information

  • Pure 2-2 Class (Transcended class with Oboro and Kagerou implemented)[/*]
  • Max Base Level: 255[/*]
  • Max Job Level: 120[/*]
  • Max Stats: 255[/*]
  • Max Attack Speed: 195[/*]
  • Experience rates: 5000.00x / Job Exp: 5000.00x[/*]
  • Normal drop rates: Common 500.00x / Healing 500.00x / Usable 500.00x / Equipment 500.00x / Card 50.00x[/*]
  • Boss drop rates: Common 100.00x / Healing 100.00x / Usable 100.00x / Equipment 100.00x / Card 10.00x[/*]
  • Other drop rates: MvP 100.00x / Card-Based 100.00x / Treasure 10.00x[/*]
Special Events:

  • New Year, Valentines, Halloween & Christmas events.[/*]
  • 7v7 Party Battle Royale (every Sunday after WoE)[/*]
  • Monster Invasion[/*]
  • Monster Request[/*]
  • On-line & Off-line GM Events[/*]
  • Endless Tower[/*]
  • Endless Cellar (customized "Endless" event)[/*]

  • Server Protection[/*]
  • DDoS Protection[/*]
  • Anti-Bot System[/*]
  • Adelay System [Anti-NoDelay (modified GRF's)] [/*]
Server Highlights:

  • Strike RO Mansion[/*]
  • Rookie PVP/SHOP[/*]
  • KOE SHOP[/*]
  • King of Emperium[/*]
  • Costume NPC[/*]
  • Security System[/*]
  • Automated Events[/*]
  • Endless Cellar[/*]
  • PVP Top 10 Ladder[/*]
  • Mining[/*]
  • Guild Package [/*]
  • Custom Main town (@go 0)[/*]
  • Custom Battlegrounds Shop[/*]
  • GotM (Guild of the Month WoE Event)[/*]
Custom NPC:

  • Healer[/*]
  • Instant max level/job changer (instant max level is not available for baby jobs)[/*]
  • Buffring (Buffs your character for 250,000 zeny. If you're premium, it's for FREE and has bonus buffs.)[/*]
  • Job Master[/*]
  • PVP Warper[/*]
  • GVG Warper (no donate items)[/*]
  • MVP Room[/*]
  • Private MVP Room (You can use dead and bloody branches here)[/*]
  • Skill Girl[/*]
  • Baby Job Changer[/*]
  • Terra Girl (You can avail the premium account here and use the breaker test room and repair test room)[/*]
  • Broadcaster[/*]
  • Reset Girl[/*]
  • Private MVP Room (rental with an NPC inside which provides free healing service and sells Bloody Branch and use them inside)[/*]
  • Card Remover (free and instant)[/*]
  • Dr. Jender (changes your character's gender by chance)[/*]
  • Stylist [/*]
  • Token Quests[/*]
  • Gold Room[/*]
  • Ygg & Bot Converter (Converts pieces of Yggdrasil Berries and Box of Thunder into "boxes")[/*]
  • Event Shop[/*]
  • Zeph Quest (Hunting Missions, will be rewarded Mission Point(Cash Point) and Mission Medal to purchase Colored Vampire Set)[/*]
  • Mail Box (All towns)[/*]
Available Commands:

  • @partywarp (You can use this to warp to the position of your party members)[/*]
  • @warp[/*]
  • @jump[/*]
  • @storage[/*]
  • @gstorage (opens your guild's storage)[/*]
  • @go (warps you to a town. type in @go in-game then press enter to see the warping sites)[/*]
  • @skillall[/*]
  • @dye / @ccolor (lets you change the color of your character. ex. @dye<space><0-553>)[/*]
  • @hairstyle / @hstyle (changes the hair style of your character. ex. @hstyle<space><0-46>)[/*]
  • @haircolor / @hcolor (change the color of your character's hair. ex. @hcolor<space><0-263>)[/*]
  • @changegender (Exclusive for premium accounts only. Lets you change your character's gender instantly for free)[/*]
  • @storeall[/*]
  • @refresh / @autorefresh [/*]
  • @autoloot / @aloot[/*]
  • @whodrops (ex. @whodrops<space><name of the item>)[/*]
  • @whereis (ex. @whereis<space><name of the monster>)[/*]
  • @autotrade / @at[/*]
  • @changegm (transfers the authority of being a guild leader to a member of the guild. Requires 10 million zeny) [/*]
  • @changeleader (changes the leader of the party)[/*]
  • @request (instantly sends a message to all GM who's currently OL at the moment. ex. @request<space><message>)[/*]
  • @gcash (transfers cashpoints to an another player. @gcash<space><amount of cashpoint><space><name of the character>)[/*]
  • @myinfo (shows your account information. This includes your IP address and the remaining days of your VIP)[/*]
  • @whosell (shows you the exact location of the vendor, price of the item you are searching for and quantity of the item. (ex. @whosell<space><name of the item>)[/*]
  • @security (lets you put a pass code for your storage)[/*]
  • @guildskill (lets you use guild skills during siege/woe. ex. @guildskill<space><name of the skill>)[/*]
  • @duel (lets you duel with a player or two . ex. @duel<space><name of the player>)[/*]
  • @invite (Invites player in a duel. ex. @invite<space><name of the player>)[/*]
  • @accept (accepts the duel invitation)[/*]
  • @reject (rejects the duel invitation)[/*]
  • @leave (leaves the duel. note : if you won the duel, you must leave in order for the other players or the current player that you've dueled with can re-invite you again)[/*]
  • @joinbg (lets you join the battle ground event)[/*]
  • @reportafk (allows a team leader or a team member to kick an idle/afk player from battleground)[/*]
  • @bgranked (display the Top 10 players of each BG PK type)[/*]
  • @bgregular (display the Top 10 players of each BG Regular type)[/*]
  • To know more, just type "@commands" in-game to view other commands.[/*]
Custom Commands:

  • @newplayer (to access the Freebies ticket for newbies obtain the 1st freebie package)[/*]
  • @streset (resets your status points for free. This command is exclusive and accessible only if your account's premium)[/*]
  • @packetfilter (reduces bandwith by little when in siege mode, reducing lag)[/*]
  • @battleinfo (displays battle information such us "kills" and "death" in your chat log)[/*]
  • @pvp (warps you inside the pvp room. can only be used in towns)[/*]
  • @resetchar (Resets the current position of your character. Helps fix errors aswell)[/*]
  • @feelreset (an exclusive command for Star Gladiator job. Resets the Star Gladiator's skill "Feeling" [Comfort of the Sun, Moon and Stars] )[/*]
  • @hatredreset (an exclusive command for Star Gladiator job. Resets the Star Gladiator's skill "Hatred" Level 1, level 2 and level 3)[/*]
  • @tooldear (Easy access to the tooldealer)[/*]
  • [/*]