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Started by ChaoticGaming, Jan 21, 2017, 11:30 PM

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Welcome to Chaotic Gaming Ragnarok Online ( CGRO ) /no1 /no1 /no1
PK/Hunting Server!!
Server Official Release : November 24, 2016
The most anticipated High Rate Ragnarok Online Gaming that will provide you MMORPG Nostalgia.
So what are you waiting for? Join us right now!
Call your friends and team up!

" Please read carefully from top to bottom "

Strictly No Bias GM
Strictly No Corrupt GM
Strictly No illegal transaction
Strictly No Over Stats on all Players
No Special Freebies / Package or Items
No Imba Items
No Wings
99.9% Up time - No Lag / Disconnect issues (except for Maintenance)
Max Base Level - 255
Job Level - 120
Max All Stats - 255
Max ASPD - 193
Skill Delay Magic Cast - *Kiel Based*
Experience Rate Base Level and Job Level - 30000x30000x30000
Main Healing Pots: Yggdrasil Berry (1second Delay)
Server Currency - TCG & Zeny
High Rate Server ( Leveling Style )
Transcendent 2-2 Job
Maximum Zeny Capacity - 1,000,000,000
Mini Boss Card Drop Rate - 10%
Mini Boss Drop Rate Equipment - 100%
Mvp Drop Rate Equipment - 100%
Mvp Card Drop Rate - 1%
Normal Drop Rate Equipment - 100%
Normal Card Drop Rate - 100%
Maintown : Prontera (@go 0)

PK Server
Frost Server
Hunting Server
Freebies NPC ( Including instant leveling )
Donation Store ( Thanatos Card, Lord Knight Card, Crothen Card, FBH Card, Gloom Card and Icepick )
God Items Store ( LKH, Sleipnir, Megingjard, Asprika, Brynhild, Mjolnir, Brisingamen )
Enter Mall Quest ( Quest Room )
*Gigantic Majestic Goat
*Bubble Gum in Mouth
*Zodiac Sign Master
*Gentleman's Pipe
*Hockey Mask
*Bubble Gum
*Bloody Branch
TCG Seller ( 2mith per TCG )
Berry Changer
Coin Trader
Usable Items NPC
Platinum Skill NPC
Point Merchant (Buy and Sell Stats, Skills)
Alchemist NPC ( Miscellaneous items for Creator, Prof )
Ammunition NPC (Arrows, Bullets, Shuriken)

Monster Hunt
Disguise Event
Find the Treasure Chest

@alootid (@alootid +Name/ID)

--GUILD PACKAGE(Guild Bounded)--
***(Minumum of 10members)
3x Valkyrie Set
2x Lord Knight Card
2x Gloom Under Night Card
2x Fallen Bishop Card
Weapons for WOE
50x +10Str Foods
500x Berry Coin
500x Box of Gloom
500x Box of Resentment
500x Enchant Deadly Poison
(+7VSet, +10Weapons, Gods, Items, Instant Job)

(Freebies NPC - Account Bound)
Lord Kaho's Horn
2x Brisingamen
2x Megingjard
+7Valkyrian Set
Valkyrian Set
Ice Pick
Gentleman's Pipe
5x Kiel-D-01 Card
2x Turtle General Card
Phreeoni Card
Golden Thief Bug Card
Tao Gunka Card
Deviling Card
Ghostring Card
Thara Frog Card
10x Bubble Gum
10x Advanced Field Manual

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Facebook Page :
Website :
Registration :

Full Client :
Lite Client :
Latest kRO & Renewal :

Just add updated rdata.grf and data.grf file to it..
Note. Use fresh folder for this DO NOT MERGE with other RO server /swt