BlackoutRO - Super High Rate

Started by Wolfie, Sep 09, 2018, 02:11 PM

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Why choose BlackoutRO?

Okay here are three reasons to play:
1. Our server is always online.
2. Our GMs don't hack.
3. Server is fun.

Come play:

Server Information

Server Opened: August 16, 2018. The current database has been live since September 2016 - all items and zeny from before then were lost due to the server being rebuilt from scratch. Accounts, characters and guilds were retained.
Server Location: California, USA
Mode: Pre-Renewal
Maximum Base / Job Levels: 500 / 120
Base / Job Experience Rates: 10001x / 10001x
Drop rates: 100% (most common items and MvP drops), 30% (most equipment), 10% (cards)

Maximum Stat Value: 450
Maximum Attack Speed: 197
Instant Cast: 170 DEX
Status Immunity: 300 LUK