BlackoutRO - Alive in 2020

Started by Wolfie, Apr 09, 2020, 01:14 PM

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BlackoutRO is still alive in 2020.
Yes, hello. We are still here, and we are pleased to announce that our GMs do not hack. Not only that, our server is always online. Those coming from other servers may be surprised to hear there is a server with these features. Those unfamiliar with private Ragnarok Online servers may be surprised to find out that these are concerns people have. We really do it all.

So I was sitting at my desk, contemplating how to spend my time during this lockdown. "What am I gonna do?", I said. It was then I came to the realisation that I still have an RO server I am meant to be managing. At this point, you would think I would jump to crank out the old Notepad again. And you are right! But not before I crank those numbers up, because frankly, they were rookie numbers.

That is all. I now invite you to become a BlackoutRO player today at See you soon!

Server Type: Pre-Renewal
Max Base/Job Levels: 500/120
Max Stats: 450
Max ASPD: 197
Base/Job Exp Rates: 10001x/10001x
Drop Rates: 100% (most common items), 30% (equipment), 10% (cards)

Detailed information on our server features can be found on our website: