Berzerk RO 300/120 25000x/25000x/Cutomize "Opening Night"

Started by Yanzkie24, Jan 31, 2016, 08:24 AM

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"Fresh New Server" Opening Night!
Berzerk Ragnarok Online


Super High Rate Server
Transcendent Job ( Champ, Prof , Sinx, Etc. )
Instant Job Changer
Private MVP ( All MVP Monster )
Balance & Stable Server
PVP and Easy Hunt Server
No GM Bias
No GM Freebie
No Guild Package

Sniper Traps:
Traps are invisible
Invisible traps can be revealed through Hunter's Detecting skill
Traps & Quagmire not working in Guildmate and Partymate

Server Information
Rate: 25,000 / 25,000 / Customize
Equip Drop: 100%
Card Drop: 60%
Mvp Equip Drop: 30% to 100%
Mvp Card Drop: 30%

BaseLvl: 300
JobLvl: 120
Stats: 275
Max ASPD: 195
No Cast: 150 Dex

5x Quest Item of your Choice ( Headgear & Accessorry )
2x +8 Valkyrie Armor
2x +8 Valkyrie Shield
2x +8 Valkyrie Shoes
2x +8 Valkyrie Manteau
2x Raydric Card
2x Deviling Card
2x Thara Frog Card
2x Moonlight Card
2x Amon Ra Card
2x Ghostring Card
2x Tao Gunka Card
4x Hydra Card
4x Doppelganger Card
4x Turtle General Card