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Author Topic: Beginning Ragnarok Online  (Read 333 times)

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Beginning Ragnarok Online
« on: Sep 10, 2020, 04:40 am »

Gepard Protection 3.0 with @lgp,@square,@circle,@aoes,@shake!ping !vsync
Anti Speedhack and No Delay Grfs
Disable Macro and Autopots
Disable Macro
Dual Client Only
Instant Level
Frost / Kiel Based Server
WoE Everyday 9:00 to 10:00pm [+8 GMT]
Max Level/Job: 99/70
Max ASPD: 190
Max Stats: 99
Kiel Based | Unfro
Max Hairstyle: 46
Max Hair Color: 553
Max Cloth Color: 253
Camera Zoom Out: +50%
Guild/Party Cap: 24/12
HP Rate: 100%
Max SP: Unlimited
Card Seller : Only Normal Card
Visible Rendered Area: 32 cells
Infinite Ammunition
Disable Auto Potion/Hotkey
NOT your typical copy paste classic server
Free all equipments @mall (Zeny Giver At Mall)
THOUSANDS of costumes to choose from
Misc Drop: 50%
Healing Items/Usable: 60%
Equipment Drops: 150%
Normal Cards: 100%
MVP/Mini Boss: 5%/5%[Lhz And Rare 1%]
Resistance Cap:
Max Elemental Defense: 90%
Max Size Defense: 90%
Max Race Defense: 90%
Max Class Defense: 90%
Max Physical/Magical Defense: 90%
Note: You cannot fully resist any type of damage (and/or MVPS)
Misc Changes: Max Inventory: 150 different items
Max Storage/Guild Storage: 600 different items
Fast Type Event
Dice Event
Disguise Event
Poring Catcher Event
Battle Royale Event
Emperium Wars Event