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BahamutRO is built from the ground up and tweaked to provide the fastest, most tactical combat experiences. All sorts of players can find something to enjoy, whether PvPing, PvMing, Questing, or gathering wealth. Although categorized as a SHR server, it fails to fit any generic mold, as its various game mechanics traverse between low, mid, and high rate.

- No Leveling Required
- Pre-Renewal/Renewal Hybrid
- Always Instant Cast
- Extensive Rankings
- Full Item Shops
- Materia System
- Grade Refining System
- Hundreds of Quests
- Fishing System
- Duel System
- Unprecedented fast-paced PvP

And more.

Basic server information

Max HP: 150,000,000
Max SP: ∞
Max Stats: 500
Max ASPD: 193

Instant Cast: Always
Skill Delay: Minimal, or non-existent
Initial Stat Points: 50,000 (More cannot be acquired)
Initial Skill Points: 70 (More can be acquired)

Item Slots: All equipment contain 2 materia slots
Inventory Limit: 200 Different Items
Storage Limit: 999 Different Items
Marriage: Available
Adoption: Unavailable
Available Jobs: Knight, Crusader, Wizard, Sage, Sniper, Priest, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Assassin, Rogue, Monk, Ninja, Gunslinger, Super Novice

Account Character Limit: 9
Hair Styles: 74
Hair Colors: 100
Clothing Colors: 623

Player Commands: @me, @who, @time, @commands
Supported Languages: English

Character Stats
Strength: Increases ATK
Agility: Increases FLEE and Attack Speed
Vitality: Increases Maximum HP, HP Recovery
Intelligence: Increases MATK, Maximum SP, SP Recovery
Dexterity: Increases HIT and Attack Speed
Luck: Increases Critical Rate and the probability rates of effects granted by equipment and materia

More information about the server details can be found here.