Battle For Prontera - 99/70 Pre-Renewal: Trans Classes

Started by iamlexivale, Sep 21, 2023, 04:31 AM

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Hallo everyone, welcome to Battle For Prontera

Battle For Prontera is a Super High Rate Private Server Ragnarok Online providing games with classic gameplay combined with new experiences. With a commitment to keep abreast of developments, make this server to keep and continues to develop!

  • Official BETA Launch (August 21, 2023)
  • Official Season I Launch (December, 5 2023)

Basic Information
  • Base Exp: 80000x
  • Job Exp: 80000x
  • Drop Rate: 2000x
  • Quest Exp: default
  • Equip Drop: 5000x
  • Card Drop: 7000x
  • MVP Equip Drop: 5000x
  • MVP Card Drop: 2000x
  • Max Base Lvl: 99
  • Max Job Lvl: 70
  • Max Stats: 99
  • Max ASPD: 193
  • Server Mode: Player Kill
  • Main Ethnic or Language: Bahasa

Server Website:
How to Register
Languages Supported: English, Bahasa, Malay

Server Features
  • Pre-Renewal: Have Rebirth/Trans Classes
  • Healer
  • Job Changer
  • Dungeon Warper
  • Buff NPC
  • Battleground
  • Client Side Security
  • Skill Resetter
  • Platinum Skill NPC
  • Field Warper
  • MVP Room
  • Vanilla WoE
  • Stat Resetter
  • Town Warper
  • Card Remover
  • Custom Maps
  • Floating Exp Rates

Other Feature Highlights: Rental VIP, Rental Gold Farm, Rental Box Ring
Player Commands: @go, @refresh, @autotrade, @storage, @loot, @jump, etc

See you again in Battle For Prontera!