Altair Ragnarok | Fresh Server Open 14 september 2016

Started by ragnarokaltair, Sep 14, 2016, 11:19 AM

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Welcome To Altair-Ragnarok Private Server
No Mercy, No Looser, No Kids  /gg

Open 14 September 2016
A newly released unique High Rate Server that will
truly take your breath away! Altair-RO Private Server has been made
to give you exhillarating momentts be it on Farming,
Exciting PvPing and Instense WoE! We boast to you our very own Realm
Dimension filled with devious mobs that will surely give
you countless of things to do! And of course, a lot more!
Come and check our server and be part of the fun. Go Altair!

�Altair-RO Private Server

�Register :

�Downloads :

�Downloads 2 :

�Downloads Full Client :

�Group :

�Pages :

�3rd Job (Rune Knight, Warlock, Sura, Shadow Chaser etc)
�Max Level : 255/90
�Max Stat : 255
�Max Aspd : 195
�Max Zeny :
�Instant Cast : No delay after cast skill on several skills
�Detail Drop Rates
�Experience rates: Base 40000x / Job 40000x
�Normal Droprate Equip/items/misc 50%
�Normal Droprate Card 50%
�MVP Droprate Equip/items/misc 50%
�MVP Droprate Card 1%
�Mvp & Items Rare Disable ( Thanatos,TGK,TG,Ice Pick, Brocca)
�Godly item&BG disable
�NPC (Non Player Character)
�NPC 3 vs 3 for quest
�Job Master
�Platinum Skills
�Breeder (Universar Rental NPC)
�Stat and Skil Reset NPC
�Card Remover
�Stalker Copy Skill
�Tool Dealer
�Custome Quest(New Headger&New Items Recomended KRO 2015/2016)
�Newbie Reward
�Gold Room
�Gems Room
�PVP Room & PVP Ladder
�MVP Room & MVP Ladder
�Auto Event
�Event By GM ( Spesial Event)
�BOT FARM / WPE / RPE / GRF / Cheat engine etc[ BAN ID N IP ]
�Please Read the Rules, ( These rules apply on the game and Group )
= C O M M A N D S =
@go | @autoloot | @alootid | @autotrade | @duel | @leave | @accept | @load | @whodrops and many more [ For Checking @Commands ]