Sorting by Server Population

Started by TabooRo, May 21, 2015, 05:28 PM

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There are many ways to sort out servers, via rates and other more detailed features, including commands and NPCs. Considering there is a large amount of players looking for populated servers, I think it would be useful if we could sort servers based on the size of the population.

The rankings already have a "Population Median Reference" number, so it should be easy to just add it to the search page?

It might be helpful if the Population Median Reference could be displayed on the server listings page next to the rates, but that might be taking it too far  /no1

Once again, thanks for this great site.
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I am glad you find the data helpful, but it is far from perfect to add it to the sorting list.

Because the number could be unreliable for server with only 1-2 reviews when it does not get enough of a sample size to take a close to accurate median.  For example, a server with 1 review where it put the population is 1000, the median for the listing will be 1000.  That is why I have to put in the "* Results for Donation Level, Customization Level and Population Median are collected from x reviews." as a reminder.