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RMS not playing its part?

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Righto, first of all, I don't know anything about this site's vision, goals or whatnot. What I do know is it has come to an absolute standstill over the last 2-3 years.

Let's address the elephant in the room. The site is dead, like the game it supports. The only reason people come here is to start some petty rant about some server they were banned from.

But, despite what I just said, Ragnarok Online is not a dead game, far from it. There are still plenty out there looking for a quality experience (lol that marketing line). Where do they come to look for said experience? Right here. But how can RateMyServer provide that service when it is broken as all hell?


1. The forum needs to shed its dead weight forums. The community needs to condense and compress. There are not enough users around these parts to require as many forums as we have.

2. Rebrand the community. Set some goals - something we can work towards, other than s*** on whatever hyped up server fell flat on its face.

3. Get some new moderators with fresh ideas. I see the current ones are still active, but their presence is deadly silent. Fresh ideas? A revamp on what we expect from server advertisements would be a start. AND SOMEBODY TO SORT OUT THE BLOODY LISTINGS!

While this forum does not necessarily have a great amount of relation to the main site, it is the roots which prop it up. Without this forum, the site itself begins to lose context.

Please give your input, I beg you. This site is a hub for all that is strong in Ragnarok. We can not let it fall!

I fully understand the problem with the forum, but you have to understand it is hard to find trusted people.  Moderators I have are those that played the game for many years and I understand sometimes they need to take a break from the game or take their leave from helping in the forum.  I can't really ask for anything, I appreciate there are people that I trust can help me look after the forum while I am not always around.

I let the community shape itself freely, as long as the rules set in the forum is followed.

As for the site, I try to keep it free from spammer/cheater and do database updates from time to time.

So you will continue to let it rot with no proactive movement?

This is a space for fair ground between servers and players to share their experience.  It is doing exactly that, plus more.

Well, there's my answer. Is that it? Nice knowing you rms. Sad your owner no longer cares about you.


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