Remove some of those s*** games.

Started by Graviteh, Jun 15, 2006, 11:39 PM

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List the games you want removed here, people:

Breakout 2
Fruitdrop (Put in the real Tetris!)


real tetris? there is one, i love that one, the light blue one i mean

oh yea i opened solitare and it want me to play on a window that is bigger than my screen resolution so i can't play, remove that too


half of the games also need resizing also.


This is what testing is for.

I had to do a quick default installation if I didn't want to sit there and sort through all of them.
So far, you're on fire :P

Continue posting the ones that are crap/need resizing.

Thanks dude


Livewar or w/e its called.doesnt save scores O_O   bootit?  :D


Airwar deleted because there's no score saving

The other games that Graviteh mentioned stay because he didn't provide a better reason  ;)


Breakout 2's platform/paddle/wtfever has a bad way of detecting when the ball hits it. Breakout is better. Also, the game runs in a box that seems like it is chopped off.

Blocks has predictable non competitive gameplay (It's pure luck)

Fruitdrop is a slow, cheap re-skin of tetris.


Breakout V2, Blocks and Fruitdrops removed.

If you're talking about games with luck, what about Bloody Pingu :D... although that game is damn entertaining.