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Started by dontknowright, Oct 31, 2014, 01:36 PM

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Drama, drama, drama! That's RO.

Every single server Admin knows of extremely toxic players and guilds (as evidenced by recent topics). Perhaps we should keep the drama going by having a Hall of Shame for Players/Guilds like we do for GMs.

This should include players and guilds who:
- constantly breaks server rules and denies it
- constantly push GMs to the limit then act like a victim
- use third party apps but can't really prove it
- use foul language/behavior all day long
- scam
- are generally toxic to the server

I'm sure all you admins and GMs out there have a list!

Let's hear your stories.

(I'm bored)


Not even a half-professional server admins would share their stories. Who wants his own server shine in a more bad light as before?

What a stupid thread.
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I would consider it free advertising, and maybe a good thing (depending what it was) to have already fixed/solved it. And some situations are pretty funny.


My buddies found a unique glitch at the hp of a server and were able to steal multiplie miniboss/MvP cards and about 25% of the whole amount of zeny (multiple billions) and we found way not to be catched.
The server admin fixed the glitch but he wasnt able to intall a backup because the last one had did was 6 months ago. So he decided to wipe the server.

Is that kinda story which an admin really should tell everyone? Ofc not.
Also almost every server has problems with 3pps or/and unfriendly ppl/guilds and the stories which can be told are censored or f*** boring.

Like I said: this thead is stupid
exii - leader of the nonsense army

finest low quality gw2 streams:


What they said. BTW, there was a similar topic in the past, it was decided to not do it.



I'll just add that, players are not like server where they could stay online for quite long time after a shame topic is made against them.

The server/GM HoS could warn potential players who do their research before trying a server what to expect if they happen to be interested in the server posted.  As for a HoS for players, it is hard for a server to stop unwelcoming players to join their server.  In-game name and IP could be changed and impersonated easily, it will cause more confusion or unnecessary hostile on wrong players if handled incorrectly. 

I will move this to the suggestion section for record.