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Started by TabooRo, Nov 09, 2014, 09:18 PM

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Would it be possible to allow registered RMS users to give a thumbs up on the reviews they find helpful on the server listings?

Some of the review aren't as helpful or critical as some people (like me) would like them to be... and instead of browsing through dozens of reviews, it would be helpful if I could sort the reviews by "Most Recent" and "Most Helpful" reviews.

As mentioned previously, the most helpful reviews will depend on the amount of users that found the review helpful.

If you would like an example of what I mean, you can check out Amazon's review system.

Thanks for the awesome website, I am glad it is still up and running.  /no1
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I have some idea of marking the reviews to better serve the readers but you know like any system it isn't hard to abuse it.  It's in my want-list but not in my priority-list.

Thanks for your support too.


Even when it's not there, people are already abusing review system (either spamming or creating some bias compositions).

So, no. Best review is by trying out yourself. Or if you want, visit their forum and see what's happening before jumping.