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Started by Omg Onoes, Aug 25, 2006, 09:08 PM

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Omg Onoes

it'd be helpful to add a "donation" checkbox along with marriage and arena and etc. would be even better if it was sub categorized into: a. simple(for the sole purpose of helping the host financially) and b. severe(marked by 50$ or more per item or too many custom items that give +99999999 atk or +30 all stats or somewhere along those lines).
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You can add your own checkboxes of unique features from your server.

Omg Onoes

if im not mistaken some of those checkboxes are like required, and then you can add more as you see fit, but im saying the Donations checkbox should be a requirement, because since alot of servers don't like to let people know that they need to donate 300$ or something for a full set of superior equips(exaggeration), so if you force the registers to check a Donation:High or Low box it will be very informative to other people checking out the server's features, in my opinion that is more important than whether or not the server has same sex marriage or whatever enabled or not...
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I agree, at first i didnt understand, now i do:

If i still played RO, I wouldnt want to join a server to later find out that you donate to get 3465433536543683068305890283478932 added stats. It's not right. (ShadowRO for example, cause mikey's a faggot)


i think if a server that's money hogging it will have a donation link VERY VISIBLE on the index page of their site ... if a server wants donation like mad, they will make it so that everyone can see it ... isn't it?

donation high or low is ... imho there is a different standard for different people ... some ppl think $100 is high, some ppl thing that's low ... obviously i can't put like "Corruption: Yes / No" lol ... tho i hate servers where donat0rs = 133t and the rest of the non-donat0rs are there to serve as meat-shield ... i can't do much to help ... i will let the players to write about that in their reviews.


I dont mind a server having a doner's option and rewards for it aslong as a normal player can get same items through insanely difficult quests. Doner either= lazy or their intentions are to improve the server and not donating just for the items