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Started by WindsorGaming, Apr 20, 2020, 04:34 PM

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So basically, 90% of all reviews on this page these days seem to be made by accounts created the very same day, while some might be legit, why not just make it so you'd have to have the account for at least a week or two before you can write a review? this would prevent trolls spamming new accounts to boost / destroy a server with their toxic behaviour and make real reviews much more credible.

Just a thought.


Of course if you are new to the site and you want to write something, you register an account to do that.  What's the point of delaying the process by one week?  If someone have a motive they will still do it after 1 week.  How would that prevent anything?


While i understand your point, it also opens the doors for the issue i mentioned above, surely some form of middle ground reviews have to go through a vetting process before being posted? i mean its a lot of extra work but it would really improve the quality of the page and sincerety of the reviews.


The way we do it, is we check them after they are written (both the account and the review, with our standard procedures).  The system is not perfect, just as with any solution there is a good and bad side.


Of course and i understand that, i just feel theres way too many false ones, either for promotion or trashing, maybe theres a way to make it a bit more strict?


yC is right. Delaying don't stop them from destroying or boosting a server.

I have experienced getting bombarded by negative reviews from players I have punished.

Fortunately, the RMS mods aren't stupid and they can tell whether the reviews are legit or not. ~
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