Suggestion: Remove (re-stats) mobs from pre-re search

Started by candalas, Jun 30, 2019, 08:45 PM

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So yea, when i play pre-re servers and i want to look up for mobs, sorted by hp, or exp, etc. in order to find out what would be the most desirable mob to hunt or whatever, i end up having to use a bunch of walk arounds to remove all the re-stats mobs from the search, which makes no sense since they aren't even included in the pre-re servers, as a rule. It would be best if they simply weren't there on the search in the first place so you dont have to go to page 2-3 just to find the first relevant result.


Those were left behind from the transition time (maybe 5~8 years ago).  I could consider getting rid of those without a spawn, but have to look closer to see if there's impact in other area and see what should be done about them.