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Maybe I'm the only one interested in that, but I would really like it if the server list on the website would also list the emulator used (Aegis, eAthena, rAthena, Herc, etc.) and you could filter for it. Emulators have developed very far apart by now so it has actually become quite meaningful which emulator a server is based on, but server owners never even list the emulator used on their website, so I always have to register everywhere first just to ask. If it was on RMS they'd be forced (or inclined) to enter it, saving me a lot of registrations.

I'd say have a space for it, but don't make it mandatory. The last thing we need is for someone to discover an exploit on a specific emulator then go try it on servers who don't regularly update theirs.

I don't see any negative effect on showing the emator used. If they are scared that a known bug might be abused then sorry to say but they are incompetent server owners.

Having an option to list the type of emulator a server is operating under would be nice.

This should also solve frequently asked questions regarding server emulator/versions.

As good as the idea may be, some might use it as just another criteria to compare servers and pick only the one they are used to, even before they check out the server and see how much improvisations have been made. I think it is only right that servers should take the initiative and credit the source somewhere on their website. Maybe just the logo of the emulator used at the bottom of the website or something. It's like eating free cake and not even bothering to say a simple thank you.


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