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Embedding Videos for Forum Post


Hello RMS staff. I know we had this feature back in the old days. I remember watching the embedded vids on these threads


Would it be possible to bring it back? Thanks

It is still embedded when I click on it ...

If this is what you mean: https://i.imgur.com/WNxpLCF.png

I believe the plugin reads the url and convert automatically when you paste a youtube link in the post.  It might not read the shortened format because that was 10 years ago.  Something like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= should trigger it.

Oh thank you. Silly me.. Google Chrome blocks flash by default I didn't realize it ( I don't know why it involves youtube afaik, youtube no longer uses flash but whatever).

Blocked flash

Enabled Flash

>mfw I realize I've been having this problem running for more than 5 years and finally made a thread only to realize it had a simple solution.

Thanks yC.

I wanna share some of my vids as well but i think things are very complicated so i back off  /pif /pif /pif /pif


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