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Started by Rbread, Feb 12, 2009, 11:49 PM

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Yes please! Add the recolors of the valkyrie helms.  /ok
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 /hmm need help regarding the char simulator..i want to make a signature but when i generate it..the headgear is always no on the picture...need help... /thx


Which headgear is it? Perhaps PM one of the Administrators for assistance.
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when i press the icon for the power of thor it will appear...and when i add other head gear on middle or bottom..the power of thor is gone...vice versa...i cant stack 2 headgear at a time...and when i generate to create the does not show any head gear...


Would it be possible to add some more custom hairstyles? For example, some of the ones shown here and here, that would be great!


Quote from: krwawnik on Apr 18, 2012, 12:16 PM
Would it be possible to add some more custom hairstyles? For example, some of the ones shown here and here, that would be great!
/omg Those are really nice new hairstyles I'd love to see them when we get the next update >w< /lv


What about adding all the other monsters, that werent captured before, to be captured as pets, aside from MVP pets, such as Phylla,Abyssmal Knight etc. you name it


Adding monsters to to the char sim? then it wouldn't be a 'char' sim?



I've been scanning all the hats from character simulator several times and I became a fan of it but somehow I found out that some images are not shown which is minor. My concern is, I can't find the IMP HAT  /hmm. And also, there are some that is on TOPgear that is not supposed to be there like 3D Glasses and some UpperMid Hgs.

Uhm, is it possible when mouse hover the icon of a headgear, the name of the headgear will show?

Thank you.


The "No Image" means we can find the sprite (probably from other official servers like jRO/cRO/twRO) but cannot find the .gif for them.  Of course we know there are tools to get .gif out of the .spr but doing them one by one might take some time.  It's up to Riotblade to do them which he has been busy with school + work.

Same for update and other minor errors.

Again, the sim is separated from the database so it's not possible to have the hover for name.  Some of the gears are in fact not in the database, having the id link calling the item's page on the database is the most we could make available.

I'll merge your post with this


If .gif is the animated thing, its alright not to add that if it takes time, the availability of the image only is very fine.

And, you have explained it very well.

I'll just wait for the next update but when will it be?

Thank you.