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Started by Rbread, Feb 12, 2009, 11:49 PM

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yc, I just double checked.  The female GM sprite is in the "special" tab but, the male GM sprite is not there.  I tried the rest of the tabs and didn't see it anywhere.



Maybe clicking the male head below the character will help. Just maybe.

And so you killed yourself,
but you killed everyone else around you too.


:P  i tired that but i did the male first...
you have to put in a sprite than the male thing... omg, *embarassed*

Thank you very much :D


I would really like the blank eyes/blank stare headgear to work. It's on most of my characters. <3


Adding the weapons and shields would be a nice addition


what about that one aliza hair? does ANYONE even have that sprite?! D:?!


Is it just me, or don't I see "Power of Thor/Thor's Power" top headgear?  ???


I am not too good with picture hunting, I am guessing it would have since it isn't that new anymore. 


Just updated charsim with mount sprites.  I will be updating the hats tomorrow if I have time.


Shield and weapon sprites are good addition.

Report: Im having some problems when using those hair sprites. I can't change its color and body movement and sometimes when i used another hair it change into different one. Please help me Sir Riotblade. I'm using the character simulator on my Comics and i can't continue it now because of the bug.


Alright, I did a little update today.  The hairs that you see are the new hairs that Gravity added in renewal, which replaced my two hairs since they had conflicting ids.  I rearranged the custom hair and in addition, also added the Gravity hairs.  As a bonus, I found out that I was listing one hair short, probably because I couldn't find a suitable male hair.  I added that additional hair.  It seems that we now have 3 male hairs that aren't custom in the custom section.  If you have suggestions for hairs that can replace them, I will gladly use them.


Sir Riotblade please help me. i got a problem with these hairs(those in the box). I can't change their colors.


I don't know.  That seems to be an isolated issue  I can change all of those hairs fine.  I think you're still receiving the cached seeing how you're still on the old layout.  Clear your cache and try again.


is it possible to add recolors of the valk helms? on my server, my professor is wearing a brown one and i'd like to be able to sim my character on rms. /ok


Actually, having recolours to the more popular customs/headgears would be great =D. Though, it'll be more work to get them all working...
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