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Started by Rbread, Feb 12, 2009, 11:49 PM

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Quote from: Apih on Apr 06, 2009, 05:52 AM
what is mspaint?

In windows OS:

Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Paint


Edit:  Wait is there another paint that is better in the MS office suite called mspaint?  Point him to the right way if that's not mspaint.  I don't use MS office.


What about adding some more custom hairstyles? Those aren't pretty much and i would love it to see more beautiful hair styles <3
I could send you .spr or .bmp files, if you want :3
Do you need permission from the ones, that were making them? Then we should ask...=O
Uhm...Shadow Chaser Sprites...oh and custom Class-Sprites! There are existing Gothic Lolita GM and French Maid Priestess. Looking really cute. How about adding them, too?


I've noticed on the hairstyles that on some of the default styles and hair colors, they don't work (they show up black) They are 4th row down, last hairstyle and 5th row down, first three hair styles. It'd be nice if they were fixed. X3


I kind of agree with the pets thing (I'm not talented with MS Paint.  :-\ )
But instead of pets, the Homunculi and falcons would be kinda nice. Can't that just be added under addons?


And, there are custom hairstyles/headgears that would look really nice in here.
But yeah, there are broken hairstyles out the wazoo.
And some headgears look funny when they go on, like they're not in the right place compared to the game.

And yes, Wanderer, Shadow Chaser, and Ranger's standing Wolf (the one where he's not riding it) should totally be implemented.


Well personally I think the simulator is very very well done. The only things I would suggest is having an image export system, perhaps something like the Bannedstory Simulator does on MAplesim with the Spritesheet Generator. That would be incredibly awesome and very useful for someone like me.


Sorry, if I chose unsuitable topic  :-[
There is now some link & sprite troubles with simulator. List:
Female: link to shura has stalker sprite (2nd advanced in 3rd box), shadow chaser sprite linked to wanderer. It means there is no link to female shadow chaser.
Male: there is stalker sprite (2nd advanced in 3rd box) linked to shura, shura sprite linked to shadow chaser, shadow chaser sprite linked to minstrel, minstrel sprite linked to creator (2nd advanced in 3rd box); clown sprite linked to creator, creator sprite linked to stalker. It means there is no link to clown.
Also link to one of male hair styles has another sprite (I don't know what number it is; those are 12 & 13 sprites in box).
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Posted on: Aug 30, 2009, 12:58 am
Oh, greatful ;). Thanks, but:
Quote from: NikolaiKaramzin on Aug 30, 2009, 08:58 AM
Also link to one of male hair styles has another sprite (I don't know what number it is; those are 12 & 13 sprites in box).


hmm I think you are also missing two new hairstyle sprites for the male and female. The X Tornado and Oratio (I think thats what they are called) for girls and I don't remember what the male hairstyles were called...hehe

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Hi! XP noob here
i'd just like to notify of a small glitch in the simulator
for the female hair, the third hairstyle in the last row, the red version does not work

i know i seem to be oversensitive and picky, but i have a character with that exact hair, so it'd be nice if that was available

thank you!

Eliar Cross


How about making it in GIF and the signature too.


I dont remember see the Male GM sprite.


Hi, first of all I would like to say thank you for the simulator, its very nice =)

My suggestion would be to add the female Oratio cut.  It is the hairstyle I use, so it would be nice to play around with some headgears =)
(oops, I see now someone else has already suggested that a couple posts up)

By the way I am new here so I would also like to say "hi" too  :D


Immortal:  The gm sprites are under the special tab.

Minka: Hi to you too but I can't answer that.  Not sure when Riot is going to work on the char sim again.