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Started by Wyvern, Oct 26, 2015, 12:13 PM

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Is it possible to change "Tough Scalelike Stem" to "Pointed Scale" on the Arrow Crafting page? For a very long time now (at least for rAthena/Hercules), we needed the Pointed Scales to do the quest and I've seem so many people having that issue by thinking they need Tough Scalelike Stem. If there are some emulators that uses Tough Scalelike Stem for some reason, at least put a notice mentioning it's Pointed Scales for rAthena/Hercules and/or to check the NPC beforehand to confirm what you need.



Confirmed and changed.

These guides were done years ago and there is so many things to keep track on the site so if nobody report  and I didn't come across the script again it is left the way it was.   All you have to do is report any error and I'll check on it.  Thanks for letting me know.