Admin Ratings for the RMS section

Started by Usako, Jun 30, 2006, 06:32 PM

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I already posted this in the topic a long while back on eAthena...but I still believe we need a page where the admin can rate their own server. I think as a player it's important to see how an admin feels about their own server. If I were a player I would never go to a server that has all 10s on everything...especially if it were rated that way by the admins. For players it's natural to rate a server they play high...because they want players...but I think seeing honesty in an admin is a great feature for a server. It shows they know they can make improvements...and dont say "we're lagless 24/7!~" just so they can look cool.

Anyway I really hope you would implement something like this...Basically it would be the ratings page with just the admin's ratings and comments.


ahh Usako, this suggestion is always on hold due to other things i want to implement...i am sorry about that.. lol you suggested this since the beginning and i never worked it...still got plenty of things on my agenda sadly...i am currently working on a skill database and after that i plan to modify my tools that help me identify+take out dead servers easier. 

i am wondering for "admin" do you mean the one that signed up as owner? because otherwise i dont have other ways to identify other admins seeing some servers has more than one, i guess u mean the one that signed up.  So far, i still think at least some admin will just rate their servers 10s all the way. however, ppl can judge from admin's words to see if it's serious server or not. 

thank you for your suggestion