Mob/NPC skills?

Started by Fraterna, Apr 03, 2014, 01:43 PM

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yeah, me again.

i just wanted to suggest another extension to the skill database:
Mob/NPC- and Itemskills. (Like: Eathquake, Dark Blessing, Dragon Fear and so on...)
i know, thats another huge mass of new stuff to make, but it would be neat to check the effect of a lot of skills that mob uses or what effect this special equipment has.

well, it's not that urgent, but still bothers me xD

nice job so far ;)


Some mob skills, simply don't have a description.   Those skills based on player skills are already linked.


hm. true, most mobskill's dont have a description like the player skills. but still there are descriptions of those.
for example, the above mentioned skills:


Causes an intense quake in the land below the caster to inflict massive Neutral property magic damage based on the user's physical attack power, dealing 3 hits in rapid succession. Each hit is calculated separately, like the skill Water Ball. Damage can be reduced by Energy Coat and Ghostring card. The damage dealt is split across all players hit by the skill. Has a visual effect that looks like cracking earth.

LevelArea of EffectAtk%
111 x 11300% x 3
215 x 15500% x 3
319 x 19600% x 3
423 x 23800% x 3
527 x 271000% x 3
611 x 111200% x 3
715 x 151300% x 3
819 x 191500% x 3
923 x 231600% x 3
1027 x 271800% x 3

Dark Blessing

Instantly reduces the target's HP to 1.

  • Having high flee can "dodge" the hit.
  • This effect is similar to the Coma status, except it does not affect the player's Max SP.


Inflicts one of the following Status Effects over a large area around the user: Stun, Curse, Silence, or Bleeding.

LevelArea of Effect
15 x 5
211 x 11
317 x 17
423 x 23
529 x 29

as i said, it's hell of a work, due there are almost 100 of those skills. a few really don't have any final information (NPC_SHIELDBREAK or NPC_LICK), but those are barely used and when by just few mobs, anyway.


You seems to have a source to all the descriptions not found in the client?

The way I'd find them is to go read the million of old patch notes to find the descriptions.  Or look into the code of each skill in the rA src/.  Both method is undesirable due to the inefficiency.

Checking on skills I have, that is missing a skil icon which likely means they are non-player skills.  I got this list, kind of big to fill in the blank:

npc_piercingatt.gif   Piercing Attack   158
npc_mentalbreaker.gif   Spirit Destruction   159
npc_rangeattack.gif   Stand off attack   160
npc_attrichange.gif   Attribute Change   161
npc_changewater.gif   Water Attribute Change   162
npc_changeground.gif   Earth Attribute Change   163
npc_changefire.gif   Fire Attribute Change   164
npc_changewind.gif   Wind Attribute Change   165
npc_changepoison.gif   Poison Attribute Change   166
npc_changeholy.gif   Holy Attribute Change   167
npc_changedarkness.gif   Shadow Attribute Change   168
npc_changetelekinesis.gif   Ghost Attribute Change   169
npc_criticalslash.gif   Defense disregard attack   170
npc_comboattack.gif   Multi-stage Attack   171
npc_guidedattack.gif   Guided Attack   172
npc_selfdestruction.gif   Suicide bombing   173
npc_splashattack.gif   Splash attack   174
npc_suicide.gif   Suicide   175
npc_poison.gif   Poison Attack   176
npc_blindattack.gif   Blind Attack   177
npc_silenceattack.gif   Silence Attack   178
npc_stunattack.gif   Stun Attack   179
npc_petrifyattack.gif   Petrify Attack   180
npc_curseattack.gif   Curse Attack   181
npc_sleepattack.gif   Sleep attack   182
npc_randomattack.gif   Random Attack   183
npc_waterattack.gif   Water Attribute Attack   184
npc_groundattack.gif   Earth Attribute Attack   185
npc_fireattack.gif   Fire Attribute Attack   186
npc_windattack.gif   Wind Attribute Attack   187
npc_poisonattack.gif   Poison Attribute Attack   188
npc_holyattack.gif   Holy Attribute Attack   189
npc_darknessattack.gif   Shadow Attribute Attack   190
npc_telekinesisattack.gif   Ghost Attribute Attack   191
npc_magicalattack.gif   Demon Shock Attack   192
npc_metamorphosis.gif   Metamorphosis   193
npc_provocation.gif   Provocation   194
npc_smoking.gif   Smoking   195
npc_summonslave.gif   Follower Summons   196
npc_emotion.gif   Emotion   197
npc_transformation.gif   Transformation   198
npc_blooddrain.gif   Sucking Blood   199
npc_energydrain.gif   Energy Drain   200
npc_keeping.gif   Keeping   201
npc_darkbreath.gif   Dark Breath   202
npc_darkblessing.gif   Dark Blessing   203
npc_barrier.gif   Barrier   204
npc_defender.gif   Defender   205
npc_lick.gif   Lick   206
npc_hallucination.gif   Hallucination   207
npc_rebirth.gif   Rebirth   208
npc_summonmonster.gif   Monster Summons   209
sa_monocell.gif   Monocell   291
sa_classchange.gif   Class Change   292
sa_summonmonster.gif   Monster Chant   293
sa_reverseorcish.gif   Grampus Morph   294
sa_death.gif   Grim Reaper   295
sa_fortune.gif   Gold Digger   296
sa_tamingmonster.gif   Beastly Hypnosis   297
sa_question.gif   Questioning   298
sa_gravity.gif   Gravity   299
sa_levelup.gif   Leveling   300
sa_instantdeath.gif   Suicide   301
sa_fullrecovery.gif   Rejuvenation   302
sa_coma.gif   Coma   303
ba_frostjoker.gif   Unbarring Octave   318
npc_randommove.gif   Random Move   331
npc_speedup.gif   Speed UP   332
npc_revenge.gif   Revenge   333
npc_darkcross.gif   Cross of Darkness   338
npc_granddarkness.gif   Grand cross of Darkness   339
npc_darkstrike.gif   Soul Strike of Darkness   340
npc_darkthunder.gif   Darkness Jupitel   341
npc_stop.gif   Stop   342
npc_weaponbraker.gif   Break weapon   343
npc_armorbrake.gif   Break armor   344
npc_helmbrake.gif   Break helm   345
npc_shieldbrake.gif   Break shield   346
npc_undeadattack.gif   Undead Element Attack   347
npc_changeundead.gif   Undead Attribute Change   348
npc_powerup.gif   Power Up   349
npc_agiup.gif   Agility UP   350
npc_siegemode.gif   Siege Mode   351
npc_callslave.gif   Recall Slaves   352
npc_invisible.gif   Invisible   353
npc_run.gif   Run   354
sm_selfprovoke.gif   Provoke Self   473
npc_emotion_on.gif   Emotion ON   474
item_enchantarms.gif   Weapon Enchantment   492
npc_earthquake.gif   Earthquake   653
npc_firebreath.gif   Fire Breath   654
npc_icebreath.gif   Ice Breath   655
npc_thunderbreath.gif   Thunder Breath   656
npc_acidbreath.gif   Acid Breath   657
npc_darknessbreath.gif   Darkness Breath   658
npc_dragonfear.gif   Dragon Fear   659
npc_bleeding.gif   Bleeding   660
npc_pulsestrike.gif   Pulse Strike   661
npc_helljudgement.gif   Hell's Judgement   662
npc_widesilence.gif   Wide Silence   663
npc_widefreeze.gif   Wide Freeze   664
npc_widebleeding.gif   Wide Bleeding   665
npc_widestone.gif   Wide Petrify   666
npc_wideconfuse.gif   Wide Confusion   667
npc_widesleep.gif   Wide Sleep   668
npc_widesight.gif   Wide Sight   669
npc_evilland.gif   Evil Land   670
npc_magicmirror.gif   Magic Mirror   671
npc_slowcast.gif   Slow Cast   672
npc_criticalwound.gif   Critical Wounds   673
npc_expulsion.gif   Expulsion   674
npc_stoneskin.gif   Stone Skin   675
npc_antimagic.gif   Anti Magic   676
npc_widecurse.gif   Wide Curse   677
npc_widestun.gif   Wide Stun   678
npc_vampire_gift.gif   Vampire Gift   679
npc_widesouldrain.gif   Wide Soul Drain   680
npc_talk.gif   Talk   682
npc_hellpower.gif   Hell Power   683
npc_widehelldignity.gif   Hell Dignity   684
npc_invincible.gif   Invincible   685
npc_invincibleoff.gif   Invincible off   686
npc_allheal.gif   Full Heal   687
gm_sandman.gif   GM Sandman   688
cash_blessing.gif   Party Blessing   689
cash_incagi.gif   Party Increase AGI   690
cash_assumptio.gif   Party Assumptio   691
all_partyflee.gif   Party Flee   693
ab_duplelight_melee.gif   Duple Light Melee   2055
ab_duplelight_magic.gif   Duple Light Magic   2056
lg_overbrand_brandish.gif   Overbrand Brandish   2519
sr_hellgate.gif   Hell Gate   2331
sr_gentletouch.gif   Gentle Touch   2339
sr_crescentelbow_autospell.gif   Crescent Elbow Autospell   2342
wm_reverberation_melee.gif   Reverberation Melee   2415
wm_reverberation_magic.gif   Reverberation Magic   2416
wm_severe_rainstorm_melee.gif   Severe Rainstorm Melee   2516
gn_crazyweed_atk.gif   Crazy Weed Attack   2484
gn_fire_expansion_smoke_powder.gif   Fire Expansion Smoke Powder   2487
gn_fire_expansion_tear_gas.gif   Fire Expansion Tear Gas   2488
gn_fire_expansion_acid.gif   Fire Expansion Acid   2489
gn_hells_plant_atk.gif   Hell's Plant Attack   2491
gn_slingitem_rangemeleeatk.gif   Sling Item Attack   2498
ob_oborogensou_transition_atk.gif   Hazy Moonlight Illusion Transition Attack   3028
gc_darkcrow.gif   Dark Claw   5001
ra_unlimit.gif   Unlimited   5002
gn_illusiondoping.gif   Illusion Doping   5003
rk_dragonbreath_water.gif   Dragon Breath - Water   5004
rk_luxanima.gif   Lux Anima   5005
nc_magma_eruption.gif   Magma Eruption   5006
wm_frigg_song.gif   Frigg's Song   5007
so_elemental_shield.gif   Elemental Shield   5008
sr_flashcombo.gif   Flash Combo   5009
sc_escape.gif   Emergency Escape   5010
ab_offertorium.gif   Offertorium   5011
wl_telekinesis_intense.gif   Intense Telekinesis   5012
lg_kings_grace.gif   King's Grace   5013
all_full_throttle.gif   Full Throttle   5014
sr_flashcombo_atk_step1.gif   Flash Combo Attack Step 1   5015
sr_flashcombo_atk_step2.gif   Flash Combo Attack Step 2   5016
sr_flashcombo_atk_step3.gif   Flash Combo Attack Step 3   5017
sr_flashcombo_atk_step4.gif   Flash Combo Attack Step 4   5018
ma_double.gif   Double_Strafe   8207
el_circle_of_fire.gif   Circle of Fire   8401
el_fire_cloak.gif   Fire Cloak   8402
el_fire_mantle.gif   Fire Mantle   8403
el_water_screen.gif   Water Screen   8404
el_water_drop.gif   Water Drop   8405
el_water_barrier.gif   Water Barrier   8406
el_wind_step.gif   Wind Step   8407
el_wind_curtain.gif   Wind Curtain   8408
el_zephyr.gif   Zephyr   8409
el_solid_skin.gif   Solid Skin   8410
el_stone_shield.gif   Stone Shield   8411
el_power_of_gaia.gif   Power of Gaia   8412
el_pyrotechnic.gif   Pyrotechnic   8413
el_heater.gif   Heater   8414
el_tropic.gif   Tropic   8415
el_aquaplay.gif   Aqua Play   8416
el_cooler.gif   Cooler   8417
el_chilly_air.gif   Cool Air   8418
el_gust.gif   Gust   8419
el_blast.gif   Blast   8420
el_wild_storm.gif   Wild Storm   8421
el_petrology.gif   Petrology   8422
el_cursed_soil.gif   Cursed Soil   8423
el_upheaval.gif   Upheaval   8424
el_fire_arrow.gif   Fire Arrow   8425
el_fire_bomb.gif   Fire Bomb   8426
el_fire_bomb_atk.gif   Fire Bomb Attack   8427
el_fire_wave.gif   Fire Wave   8428
el_fire_wave_atk.gif   Fire Wave Attack   8429
el_ice_needle.gif   Ice Needle   8430
el_water_screw.gif   Water Screw   8431
el_water_screw_atk.gif   Water Screw Attack   8432
el_tidal_weapon.gif   Tidal Weapon   8433
el_wind_slash.gif   Wind Slasher   8434
el_hurricane.gif   Hurricane Rage   8435
el_hurricane_atk.gif   Hurricane Rage Attack   8436
el_typoon_mis.gif   Typhoon Missile   8437
el_typoon_mis_atk.gif   Typhoon Missile Attack   8438
el_stone_hammer.gif   Stone Hammer   8439
el_rock_crusher.gif   Rock Launcher   8440
el_rock_crusher_atk.gif   Rock Launcher Attack   8441
el_stone_rain.gif   Stone Rain   8442
gd_itememergencycall.gif   Item Emergency Call   10015

Some of the skill names are self-explanatory or is a copy of a player skill.



afaik, usually skills starting with NPC_ use this icon:

there are a few skills with no icon yet: sa_levelup, sa_monocell and most other of those only appearing at abra (usually those ??? skills).

some of the skills in your list here already have icons, especially the new 3rd class skills:

(sorry, don't have them as single files yet... lazy me not ripping em off the client xD )

for the skill-descriptions... well, this will take some time.
maybe i find a bit time to make you a list xDD... preffered data? plain HTML? pdf? knitted into a wool-scarf? ^^


I leave them without an icon because they are not shown unless being searched for.

First where will be your source if you are going to find the descriptions.  Some might get us into trouble.


well, guess i'll take all sources i can think of:
- of course, kRO/iRO patchnotes
- different forums
- iROwiki (thought iROwiki's a bit meeeh, due iRO was altered quite a bit compared to kRO)

guess i'd go iROwiki for the list, and compare it to the latest patchnotes regarding that skill

despite the majority of the NPC_ skills are 'final',  the rebellion skills still are a bit tricky due balancing (last balance patch of those were Feb 12, 2014, so maybe there will be some more updates about that)
the 'new' 3rd class skills (ranger unlimit, RK water dragon breath, etc) haven't been changed since more than a year now, guess it's final so far.