Suggestion: Add search option for MVPVP

Started by Tzuridis, Dec 26, 2013, 12:24 PM

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Hi me and my friends have been looking for a specific type of server. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find these type of servers because there usually is no mention of it.

So let me explain what exactly we are looking for, we are searching for servers that have PVP on MVP maps which is what we call MVPVP.

I dont mean WOE, Battleground or PVP arena.

There are few servers that have the MVPVP feature but there are some and it really is kind of a cross between a regular server and a pvp server. It is extremely difficult to find servers that say they have this feature. Even some of the oldest private rag servers do not mention this feature on the RMS website or their own websites but they do in fact have the MVPVP feature, (case in point essencero).

If anyone has any questions, concerns or comments please reply to this thread. I want to know your input/opinions.

Thank you


Can you name some servers which have this feature enabled? I would like to check how that works out.



These are the only I could find after looking at about 60+ servers.

Basically any full pvp server has it as well but they have pvp every where so it doesnt really count.

It basically just increases competition for MVP cards and creates random surprise battles.


I think that's a very narrow feature to be included in the general feature list.  It might not work as you would want it to, some server owner simply check them all when they are not sure what the feature mean.


:( I guess I will have to keep searching the ol fashion way then.