How About making hall of fame guys?

Started by KeithXFormerX7, Jun 19, 2013, 12:21 AM

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a hall of fame place is opposite to HoS but What about we post the finest servers in a separate what now i just forgot, but PM me the what now i forgot XD


No? Because we all know how fake most praises here are. (look : server reviews written by new members)


Server might not be appropriate because 1) They come and go 2) One server could have some good and bad apples so you really can't fame a server which is equal to telling everyone to shut up about it.

I used to have an idea for GM hall of fame (note that the Hall of Shame is for GM mostly), but figured being nice and helpful is how GMs should be in a normal day of working life.  So in a perfect world where there is no corruption, no abuse of power, everyone is in the GM hall of fame :)


Ah, ok, I was thinking if we could puthere the servers which is fair all balanced, all classes balanced, non donators can even beat donaters so wecan test all good servers  /heh


That's called "Review" and they already exist[even if you could say that some do look a bit biased and what not].

To me, the only way that an Hall of Fame could exist, would be for such things as creativity/originality. Aside that I don't see this working, it would be too biased and, as yC said, most of the stuff is already a you should be like that.