[Suggestion] Add support for multi emulator databases.

Started by Ragno, May 07, 2016, 06:59 PM

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I remember I asked before wich database ratemyserver uses and get rAthena as an answer (for renewal content). Would it be possible to add an option to configure wich emulator wants to use when searching? It would be soo cool to have support for Hercules, and would be also nice to have support for 3CeAM.


Hercules is using a very different format than rAthena now, their infos are very similar.  Unfortunately I'll be honest that I have no time to manage two or more emulator versions given the difference.


All emulators have the goal to be like kRO, so there shouldn't be too much differences in the first place. Herc is a bit more up-to-date because they have more recent leaks, so I assume that's why you want to have such an option? But rAthena will most likely soon update their DB too.


Thanks for the replies, and please, please reconsider to give this a chance. Hercules has a plugin to convert .conf to sql tables and since there it is very easy to transform it to almost any format (like rss files).

Ratemyserver has had a huge rol for spreading ragnarok across private servers, because it offers the official information of the emulator, but, since Hercules and rAthena has too much differences, ratemyserver becomes unaccurate to Hercules based servers.

Please give this a chance, it is not too hard to convert the .conf to sql tables using db2sql plugin and this would give several benefits for every player and to spreading Hercules among servers.