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Author Topic: You must have AT LEAST 10 POSTS to make a Reply  (Read 40776 times)

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You must have AT LEAST 10 POSTS to make a Reply
« on: Apr 17, 2009, 09:39 pm »
It is clearly stated in the Server Seeking Section Rules that:

You must have at least 10 posts to post replies to other member's topics.  (New: If you have less than 10 post count, your recommendation will be subject to staff approval.)

Wait don't go yet!  Our global forum rule says you cannot bump topic where the last post made is older than 2 months (unless you have something very important to add to the topic).

It became obvious that some users are only interested in advertising their servers and nothing else.  Those who are going to simply give one liner replies, bump old topic or make 10 posts in less than a day then spam the hell out of the server seeking section WILL HAVE THEIR ACCOUNT DELETED.  Because it is a waste of time to go into each topic and delete the last useless post made.  If you waste our time, we will make sure your time is wasted too.

You must also follow the rest of the rules in this section of the forum and the global forum rules.
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