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Author Topic: Small guild looking for a Pre-Renewal Low/Mid Rate Server  (Read 6669 times)

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Offline Lyn

Re: Small guild looking for a Pre-Renewal Low/Mid Rate Server
« Reply #15 on: Apr 07, 2018, 10:12 am »
I'm sorry for my late reply! I didn't answer earlier because our server situation is unclear, because we needed to discuss our server situation inside the guild and because of a temporary lack of time. But since our server situation will not be clear until May (the WoE at EpicRO is not enjoyable for us how it is right now but there is a poll about changes), it is time to answer at least. We await the poll results and the WoE changes that will be decided on EpicRO before we can say whether we stay or search for a new server.

Kirchen & Styx / OriginsRO

Your explanation of building up for nothing for finding out that the server closes again is exactly our situation as well. Your server makes a great example of being trustworthy and online for a long time. You surely have professional features like the Master Account that we would like to use. I'm glad that your server could highly increase in population and it shows that Ragnarok is not at its end. A small development team would be no problem for us. I've thought a lot about your server suggestion and whether this is a comprimse we would be willing to dispose, because the server is really interesting to me.

What worries me is the combination of low rates and the lack of a Resetter. We haven't played Ragnarok for a while and have to tune builds, but they are best tested in action. I also wonder what to do when new episodes and equip come out and your stats are adjusted to the former update. Of course I can imagine why you did not include features like Resetter and Healer to prevent abusement. You surely have a point with the possibility to catch up since Rebirth is not implented yet.

I understand why you only allow one character per person in WoE, but we prefer more flexibility in dependance of the situation in WoE concering characters (for example: having a character for breaking the Emperium and a character for Castle Defence logged in simultaneously -- this is especially important for small guilds). It's good that Guild Leaders are changeable though.

In an information post about the next update I've read that Homunculus are included soon with a botting program. We consider this cheating and in my opinion this is absolutely contrary to the server concept. This might not only have a bad influence on the server, but also the population. I'm not against comprimises, but if a server starts to promote botting, a point is reached for me where the server is out of question. But we thank both of you very much for your suggestion and time!

emancipate01 / Divergent Ragnarok (Dystopia)

Thanks a lot for your suggestion and detailed description! To be honest, we would like to avoid Renewal mechanics as much as possible.
I have still checked your webpage to be sure whether this server is something for us or not. Unfortunetly, there are not only the rates and Renewal mechanics but also the VIP system that is problematic for us. But you surely couldn't have known whether we like the server or not before discussing it, that's why we thank you alot for your kind suggestion and your effort!


Offline Kirchen

Re: Small guild looking for a Pre-Renewal Low/Mid Rate Server
« Reply #16 on: Apr 09, 2018, 04:53 am »
as far as ive experienced, i a pretty sure its not going to be the way u think it will be.

The Staff of the Server is even against the afk mechanic from high orc Card and ice falchion. they want you to be active.
The bot-like Programm is probably going to be a well functioning mir-ai or smth. and autoloot wont work on Homunculus i guess. You may should ask the devolopers directly in their Forums about this.

Offline Blinzer

Re: Small guild looking for a Pre-Renewal Low/Mid Rate Server
« Reply #17 on: Apr 09, 2018, 05:46 am »
You'll definitely want to check out https://discord.gg/ffETSGM.

- Pre-renewal
- Low rate, 1/1/1
- Not out yet
- No traditional warper, no healer, do have a job changer
- Dual clienting is not disabled but rather useless, real party play is heavily promoted and rewarded

Disclaimer: do not play this server if you just want the same old RO and don't like brand new exploration/adventure experiences. this is a heavily reimagined and customized version of the game, built from a competitive player who wanted to bring out the potential of the game that was never cultivated.