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Started by Nekoruchii, Jan 25, 2023, 04:10 AM

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(subject and content is similar to what I posted from 2 years ago and technically copy pasted the entire post and did some tweaking)

Hi! Time to check if this year I'd find a good server to bring me (and my friends will come most likely if there's a decent one to play on)

Server rate: 15x and up
Server type: any, pre-re/re/4th jobs/classic/zero - honestly, zero is the best RO mechanism for me.
Main language: English
Professional and friendly staff

Balance between f2p and donators
V4P would be nice to have.
Dual client at least?
Costumes! /lv

Customs are okay, as long as it is not breaking the game, ie; 4 slot shield, yes? I hope you're okay.
I like new instances, dungeons, they spice up things.
Additional info: (under spoiler because...)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

These are the things that I primarily want, you are open to offer your server and we will see.


Quote from: Nekoruchii on Jan 25, 2023, 04:10 AM
/zero - honestly, zero is the best RO mechanism for me.
What is zero mechanism?


Hi, I am the owner of Spirit Online. We are open since August 13, 2022.

We are an episodic server, the current episode is 11.2.
The server is a pre-renewal mode and our rates are x6 / boss x3, boss card is 0.01%.
The server is hosted in France but everything in game is English. (No proxy atm, We are waiting for the community to grow)
We don't offer donation or cash shop features, it's 100% free to play.

We do seasonal events (Halloween and Xmas have already done since the opening).
We also have automatic events.
We have a lot of costume and we are adding more as we go.

The community is growing, we are about 50 constant unique players.
You can play with multiple clients without limite.
We have Battleground and WoE is starting soon.

The official dungeons and instances will be released as their respective episodes progress.
You can see our custom change on our website.

If you are interested, we would be happy to have you with us.


Quote from: OldPoring on Jan 25, 2023, 10:50 AM
What is zero mechanism?

It is a mix between pre-re and renewal. The game is in renewal set up (not all renewal content is available) - but the class you can play is only trans (130/70 max) + 1 ninja (SL/SN not available), I enjoyed it as all classes became playable and really found a nice group of friends/guild who also shares the same sentiment as I am. Not all would appreciate but as a renewal player myself, the zero-type server really got me hooked up in playing RO again.

Related link:

The only private server that has it is Project Zero but they're falling behind from the official kRO zero and the one that I only played actively closed a year ago.


I'm closing this thread as I finally found a server similar to what zero has!

Thanks everyone.