Seeking - Full Scale WoE

Started by Satos, Oct 21, 2023, 08:33 PM

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Are there any Pre-Renewal servers that have full scale WoE, as on the official servers; with EVERY castle open, EVERY WoE...competing for God Item components?

I am interested in you, if that is the case.

Only having 1 or 2 castles open each WOE makes God Item creation impossible.
And the entire point of WoE was God Item creation.

RWC for top tier group PVP.
WoE for God Item creation.

I don't expect any server to try and recreate RWC.
And maybe too many people try to abuse things, for full scale WoE to work anymore. /hmm

But I'm seeking a server with full scale WoE, and its long term rewards.