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Author Topic: Seeking for pre renewal server with x1 x1 x1 rate & super close to the official.  (Read 608 times)

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Offline Milithania

Good day to fellow RO players. The game that will never ever ever ever get out of your life no matter how hard you try to get this game to go out of your life.

At this time of my life, the addiction starts to kick in. So, I need to channel this addiction or I'll go whacky.

Since I was born & molded by the official RO server (Indonesian Ragnarok Online), I can't bring myself to play in a server where the rate & the system are not quite similar to the official.

I kindly request for fellow wonderful RO players to share me your information regarding a total vanilla RO server that has x1 x1 x1 rates & every systems on it are similar or at least close enough to the official. Preferrably Pre Renewal. My language preference is English, but I do believe I can manage playing in Non - English server (Google Translate FTW).

For the important part is No Donation Item at all. Costumes are ok.

I know this is kind of asking too much. But, I'd be very happy in this part of my life if I could play in this kind of RO server for another chanc e of unforgettable adventure.

A little bit of flashback, my Official RO (IDRO) has crashed & burned by the hand of its own admin. Cheats, Bots, Item Mall. Apparently this is the outcome of most official server across the world.

Thank you very much for everyone who spare their time to see, read & response to my enquiry.


Offline yoyoz


Hi bro, I have the same feeling as you do.
Maybe you can check out this server, if you are interested kindly pm me in game to make friend =)

IGN : Uchiha Itachi