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Author Topic: Renewal Low Exp Rate, High Drop Rate  (Read 1545 times)

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Offline Daikoru

Renewal Low Exp Rate, High Drop Rate
« on: Feb 12, 2020, 11:39 pm »
Hello everyone. I've recently felt like trying Ragnarok Online again, but I've been unable to find a server to my liking. I'm looking for a server with the following points:

That wasn't a thing last time I played, so I want to try out the new classes and game mechanics.

English server
As much as I'd also love a Japanese server, the distance lag would be horrible given I live on the exact opposite side of Earth. So I'll have to settle with regular English instead. American or European, doesn't matter.

Low Exp rate
I don't want to be blazing through levels, I want to enjoy leveling up at a nice rate, something not too fast nor too slow. I think my ideal would be between 10x-20x (assuming leveling speed is the same as pre-renewal), but I'm willing to accept if it's not too far from that.

Easier to get Rare drops
I'm looking specifically at MVP Card drop rates, and this is the feature I'm struggling to find. I consider them to be the most fun feature of Ragnarok Online as it allows a wide range of character customization, but at 0.01% drop rate, that's as good as not existing to me. Even 0.1% is way too low, given the low spawn rates. I want the server to have MVP cards and other rare drops far more reachable, either by very high drop rates or by some other feature such as vendors.

Some population, at least
If the server's population is as good as dead, there's no point in joining the server rather than just opening my own server and playing solo.

I should be rather lenient on anything else that isn't mentionned.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions... If such a server exists (´・ω・`)


Offline vohoangquan1996

Re: Renewal Low Exp Rate, High Drop Rate
« Reply #1 on: Feb 13, 2020, 04:35 am »
Hi there!
First of all. It's nice to see people returning to RO after years and years but I'm also pissed because RMS decides to erase my page-long thesis. So here I go again.

And as for your server searching, I would recommend ShiningMoon RO. They have Niflheim and Helheim both of which are somewhat unique in their own way but both board the same following features:
- Mostly up to date content with a 200/70 level cap.
- Adjustable exp rate of your choice ranging from x1 to x100. Harder pain better gain.
- Decent population and Economy.
- Cash shop which keeps the server running doesn't include any pay-to-win item nor cash shop exclusive item.
- Obtainable customized currencies that are interchangeable with cashpoint.
- Custom features which grant otherwise cash shop exclusive item in officials.
- Seasonal and GM-hosted event.
- Unique drop system which encourages party play.

For your concern about MVP cards drop rate:
- Exchange card event happens every quarter which allow you to exchange 10 card points for a random card including MVPs.
- Bloody branches are very easy to obtain through gameplay.
- MVPs cards are being sold among players

You can find more information about their servers on the site https://www.shining-moon.com/
If you want an insider's thoughts or want more details about the server, feel free to message me on Discord Kamiio#0354
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Offline Daikoru

Re: Renewal Low Exp Rate, High Drop Rate
« Reply #2 on: Feb 13, 2020, 10:31 pm »
Hello vohoang. Thank you for your response.

I had previously found your server during one of my searches, and while the adjustable exp rate, along with a few other features, were highly attractive, I had dismissed it as MVP cards seemed also too hard to get.

However, the feature page mentionned nothing about the information you just gave me, meaning about exchange card events and bloody branches. Although aiming for a specific MVP card still seems pretty impossible, it sounds like there might actually be a good commerce of MVP cards, and make finding cards through other player shops more easy and affordable.

I'm going to give it a try and see if that's enough to satisfy my condition. If anyone else has another server that fits every condition, I invite you to still try and post it, as it's still not decided if this is THE server I'll settle in.