Finding a Malaysia(or near it) server, 150 max level for 3rd classes

Started by bottlemilk, Aug 10, 2011, 09:34 PM

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Hello, I been server hunting for 2 days and most of the servers are just filled with 255. Please help.


Hai brother, i also came from Malaysia. 1stly, i would strongly suggest NOT no join the Malaysia server... it is more lag then USA, AMerica or Philip server. Let say Malaya RO, i can feel the lag same like Full RO. Last night i try Lumina RO, although the max lvl is 500 (With 3rd class). But not lag, but their custom item too many.... anyway, if i fell bad on that, i may find again. Anyway, u wan High rate, Mid rate, or low rate server.


Im from malaysia so a server located here will be less laggy...I'm still looking atm, and it's highrate or midrate. Thanks.